2023 – the buses are back!

Wow – it has been a crazy last few years, but I’m excited to say, ‘buses are back!’

And for me, buses being back is a big thing.

Every summer when our board of directors meet to discuss and plan our upcoming season we start with the idea that, “this is for the kids.” We do this for the kids. We want to give them the best, most positive experience while getting them outdoors, exercising and having a fantastic time. (And if that means as adult volunteers we are going up even if it’s raining, we do it!)

Two years ago we didn’t have a program. Last year we just had a drive up program. This year buses are back!

Buses being back is a unique experience for your child to have – it teaches them independence, responsibility and problem solving. (And as a parent with two boys age 8 and 4, it gives you some time to yourself!) Most importantly, it helps your child grow.

We are so happy to have you back – thank you for sticking with us as we navigated the last few years. Thank you for being part of the Issaquah Ski & Snowboard community. We can’t wait to see you at the bus on week 1!

Ryan Clark

President, Issaquah Ski & Snowboard School