Handbook – Policies

Student Policies

  1. Before a student enrolls, both a registration form and student waiver must be fully completed and signed by the parent or guardian.  These must be submitted full lesson and transportation payment.
  2. Students must ride on their assigned bus to and from the ski area.
  3. Students must have equipment loaded and be ready for departure to and from the ski area at the assigned times. Furthermore, students are responsible for ensuring that their equipment is collected upon return from the pass.
  4. Students must comply with the chaperones instructions at all times. Students found in violation of bus rules will be suspended from the program, and after parent consultation, may be expelled from the program.
  5. Alternate transportation requests must be submitted in writing by a parent, or guardian, to the chaperone prior to departure that morning. The proper form can be picked up from the chaperones in the morning. Students will not be allowed to leave without proper documentation.
  6. Electronic equipment is allowed on the bus at the risk of the student and family.
  7. Equipment and personal belongings should be clearly marked with the student’s name.
  8. Lessons and (or) transportation are non- transferable.
  9. Students are absolutely forbidden from leaving the ski area (Summit Central) except as noted in #5 above.
  10. Students are responsible for getting to the class meeting area on time.
  11. Students should be sure to check in with class instructor upon arrival to class, as class attendance records are maintained.
  12. Tobacco/vaping, liquor, weapons, or drugs are strictly forbidden. Students found in violation will be suspended (or expelled) without a refund.
  13. Students harassing other students will be expelled without a refund.
  14. Issaquah Ski and Snowboard School is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment or clothing.
  15. While at the pass, students must stay on patrolled runs within Summit Central, only. They must also stay in the area recommended for their individual skill level.  Ski and Snowboard instructors will make recommendations for appropriate terrain.
  16. Students may not ski/snowboard in the parking lot or slide down the hill located behind the ski school buses. Also, students are not allowed to lean their equipment against the buses or buildings.

Please direct questions or concerns to the Ski School via our Contact Us page, or to the assigned bus chaperone.

Safety and Etiquette

Safety is a prime concern to all instructors and chaperones. Listed below are ideas which help prevent accidents:

  • Ski and board in control at all times. Students found in violation will have their lift ticket confiscated.
  • Follow instructions found on the signs posted in the ski area.
  • Students should tie skis and poles together properly for bus loading. Equipment bags are recommended.
  • Safety bindings must be adjusted properly.
  • Skis must have ski brakes which prevent loose skis from skiing down-hill and causing an injury.
  • Goggles or glasses should be plastic or shatterproof glass.
  • Snowboards must have leashes.
  • Students must stay on patrolled runs within Summit Central. They must stay in the area that the instructor recommends.
  • Students will not ski in the parking lot or slide down the back of the parking lot.
  • Students will not lean their equipment against the buses or buildings.


If an injury occurs, the injured student should stay put. Their ski/snowboard riding partner should send someone for the Ski Patrol, and then remain with the injured student. All lift operators can call the Ski Patrol.  Ski Patrol personnel are trained in mountain first aid.  All injuries or illnesses must be checked by the Ski Patrol for insurance coverage to be valid.  Chaperones will check the first aid room regularly and arrange for transportation home or to a hospital or clinic if recommended by the Ski Patrol.  Students need not call their parents.  This is the responsibility of a Board Member.


In order to participate in the Issaquah Ski School, each student must have accident insurance. Identification of the company and parent signature are required on the registration form to verify coverage. Insurance coverage is not available through the Ski School.


There is a nonrefundable administration fee of $25 for fixed costs. The balance of the refund will be prorated. No refunds can be given for the transportation portion. Refunds will be made only under the following conditions:

  • If the student is moving primary residence which is greater than +75 miles from immediate pick up location.
  • If the student is physically unable to continue as verified in writing by a physician.
  • If the Ski School does not complete all scheduled sessions. The Ski School reserves the sole right to refund or reschedule a canceled session, or to consider a partially completed session as complete.

There will be no refund for students removed from the program for disciplinary reasons.

Early Release

In order to assure the safety of your child, all early release requests must be submitted in writing and presented to the chaperone in the morning at the bus pickup. Early release cannot be granted once the child had been signed in on the bus. Please refer to our ‘green slip’ policy with your chaperone. Violation of this policy could result in suspension or expulsion from the school.

Late Arrival to Bus at the End of the Day

In order to assure the safety of your child, all children must return and be checked in to the bus by 4 pm. Busses will open for check-in by 3:30 pm. If a student reports late to checking into the bus the parents/guardians could be subject to up any fees occurred as a result of extended bus time and/or search and rescue efforts. In addition, violation of this policy could result in suspension or expulsion from the school.

Partners in Winter Recreation

This program provides employment, services, and privileges
regardless of race, color, creed, sex, religion, age or national origin.