What is this school about?

With snow falling in the mountains this weekend it seemed appropriate that we opened our online registration at the same time. How quickly I forgot about the sunny day streak we had this summer!

Thank you to everyone that has signed up for the 2018 season so far. It’s truly a privilege, honor and incredible responsibility to get to share the love of skiing and snowboarding with you and/or your child.

One week ago I dropped my 3 year old off at his first full day of independent preschool. I was sure there would be tears flowing, cries of “don’t leave me”, hugs that could not be separated. Turns out, I didn’t cry nor tell him “don’t leave me!” Although, on the inside I may have been feeling different! He did better. I’m not even sure he knew I was there when the teachers opened the door. He walked right in to smiling, welcoming faces. Just what he needed to see. He was all in.

As I turned away and walked up the stairs to the parking lot I clutched my cell phone in one hand and longed for the tiny 3 year old hand in the other. I wanted to hold that little hand forever, but then I realized he’s growing up. He’s going to be learning new skills, meet new friends (already has a friend named ‘Oliver’) and I could rest assured through the teachers and program directors I met that he was in the care of hands I could trust.

So, while we are a ski and snowboard school that teaches skills, to me — to us — we’re more than that. We strive each season, each week, each interaction to make it a place that’s warm and welcoming. That’s fun and exciting. That’s a place you want to be.

For 47 years this community has been trusting Issaquah Ski & Snowboard School. We look forward to many more years with you and your family.

Thanks for letting us be a little part of your family.



Issaquah Ski & Snowboard School